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    Strategic Partner ESTMobile Training
  • Edwards ESTMobile App for Edwards Partners

    Edwards ESTMobile productivity solution provides remote connectivity to Edwards' iO Life Safety Systems.

    ESTMobile is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution allowing service providers to remotely and securely connect to their fire control panels. The solution provides access to reports and on-board diagnostics from a browser-based client as well as from a smart phone or a tablet. The solution also sends real-time mobile notifications and emails about panel events, such as alarms and other supervisory or fault events.

    ESTMobile is a powerful productivity tool that is designed to provide insight and foresight into fire control panels to improve responsiveness, predict service needs, reduce service cost, and improve customer satisfaction.

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  • Administrator

    Purchase and assign one new license per panel. 

    • Logging into MyEddie
    • Purchasing Licenses
    • Adding New Users
    • Admin Notification Settings

    Service Manager

    Ensure a successful launch before sending your Technician to the customer’s site. 

    • Add a Site to ESTMobile
    • Add a Building to ESTMobile
    • ESTMobile Configuration Worksheet
    • User Name and Password
    • Determine License Availability
    • View Reports
    • Run Diagnostics

  • Technician - At the Office

    Gather your equipment, download the software on your computer, and retrieve the current project before heading to the customer’s site.

    • Know Before You Go
    • Download and Install Software
    • Retrieve Project

    Technician - At the Site

    You have a few more tasks to get the site up and running once you arrive.

    • Check Firmware Version on the panel
    • Confirm SLC Compatibility
    • Retrieve Panel MAC Address and IP Address
    • Install the Digital Certificate
    • Add a Panel to ESTMobile
    • Connect the Panel to the Cloud
    • Assign User(s) to the Panel