VS1 and VS4 post course Circuit Mapping
and Course Certification Assessment

This eLearning focuses on the installation and configuration of the Kidde VS1 and VS4 Intelligent/Addressable fire alarm systems.

In order to receive product certification:
• Complete the Kidde VS1 and VS4 eLearning
• Register to take the assessment
• Complete the assessment with a minimum score of 80%


Course Topics:

• Normal Mode & Off-Normal Mode
• Notification Appliance Circuits (NAC)
• SA-DACT Dual-Line Digital communicator module
• SA-ETH Ethernet Interface Module
• Onboard relays
• Class A or B loop operation
• Signature Series sensors and modules
• CO detectors
• Silence & resound NACs
• Panel Reset, panel fire drill, and Walk Test


• Panel & remote annunciator Lamp Test
• Reports
• Panel default settings
• LCD & Front Panel Programming
• Remote annunciator options
• Custom label options
• Auto Programming
• Incremental Programming
• Configuration Utility (CU) programming

Offering ID: 00001030

VS1 and VS4 Certification Course Hours: 6

List Price: $1,000.00
eLearning (online) or ILT classes held at the Bradenton Campus will be at no charge through December 2019.
All custom onsite classes will require a minimum of 12 students and will be at cost.


VS1 and VS4 post course Circuit Mappingand Course Certification Assessment