VM-1 Operator

Course Description:
This eLearning course is designed specifically for VM-1 operators. It focuses on the controls, indicators, and command functions of the VM-1 system including paging and the firefighters telephone operation. The course provides operators with the skills to navigate the user interface and main menu, disable and enable features, activate and restore functions, program and test devices, and return the system to normal operation following an off-normal event. Regulatory compliance and reporting capabilities are also discussed.   

Who should attend:
• Facilities service technicians or operators
• Personnel responsible for building control systems
• Entry-level fire alarm technicians
• Distributors providing operator training to end users
• Strategic partners and Edwards Employees
Course topics: 
• Addressing 
• Controls and Indicators
• Main Menu Functionality
• Command Functions
• Status Command 
• Enable and Disable Commands 
• Activate and Restore Commands 
• Reports Command 
• Program and Test Commands 
• Paging System Operations
• Firefighters Telephone

Offering ID: 00001202

VM-1 Operator Course Hours: 6

List Price: $300.00