Networking 101

This eLearning course introduces computer networking beginning with the basic definition of networking, identifying components and media, and describing common network architecture. Physical and logical topologies are discussed along with network reference models to aid in the design and explanation of network operations. TCP/IP networks, protocols, and communication schemes are discussed in addition to MAC and IP addressing. Subnetting and subnet masks are described for the purpose of improving space allocation and routing efficiencies. Local area networks are described in greater detail with emphasis on switch and router functionality.

Who should attend:
• Service and maintenance technicians
• Installation technicians
• Installation supervisors
• Project and application engineers
• System programmers
• Life safety system designers
• Product Distributor or Edwards employee
• Sponsorship by a Product Distributor

Experience with personal computers and Windows® operating systems

Course Topics:
• What is a network?
• Characteristics of a Network
• Network Reference Model
• TCP/IP Networking
• Network Tools
• LAN Introduction

Course Hours: 6 hours

List Price: $300.00